Saturday, November 19, 2016

Green Sea Turtle Basked in Sun Rays

  Off the West side of Maui you can find coral reefs covered by one of Hawaii's most photogenic underwater animals, and its only native reptile, the Green Sea Turtle, Chelonia mydas.
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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Coral-scape of Chumbe Island, Africa

 The amazing underwater world of Chumbe Island, off the coast of Tanzania, Africa. This is a little known secret underwater paradise just a short trip away from the popular diving destination of Zanzibar. For Americans, even Zanzibar is a little known secret that conjures up images of mythical spice lands from Sinbad the Sailor stories. But after seeing this amazing location you better believe I will be going back.
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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Chumbe Island: African Diving

Chumbe Island Coral Gardens
 A little known secret hides off the east coast of Africa. It is one of the most incredible coral reefs anywhere in the world...yet almost no one has heard of scuba diving in Tanzania, Kenya, Mozambique, or South Africa. In Africa, land animals tend to steal the show, leaving reefs uncrowded and perfect for underwater photography.
  A good place to start a diving excursion in East Africa is a small island within easy striking distance of the Tanzania mainland called Zanzibar. The name itself envokes mystical images of ancient seafarers and spice traders which is not too far off. The island inhabitants are almost 100% muslim descendants of these spice traders of old and the exotic architecture on the island match.
  This picture was taken off Chumbe Island, an even smaller island off of Zanzibar. It is still part of Tanzania which makes it a great side trip after an overland safari. The island and its surrounding coral gardens make up an award winning private nature reserve. And as you can it is not only worth protecting, but exploring as well. A day spent lazing in these waters will fill your expectations as well as your memory cards.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Diving with a Thresher Shark

  Today is double picture kinda day. Scuba diving with sharks is always a pleasure, and an exciting one at that. But some encounters are so rare that you have to travel half way around the world just for a chance to see that species. The thresher shark is one of those rarely encountered shark species.
   It is immediately recognizable from its long upper lobe on the caudal fin (tail fin). Sometimes this upper lobe doubles the length of the animal. It has been shown to be a useful tool for hunting.
  The thresher shark will speed into a school of fish, slash around its whip-like tail, and easily gobble up the stunned fish.
  In order to maximize your chances of seeing this majestic creature you have to travel to a small island in the Philippines called Malapascua Island. Nearby there is a seamount that angles steeply up from the abyss to just 40ft below the surface. A boat will drop you and your guide off, then you head down to a ledge on the steep underwater cliff about 100ft down and wait for a chance to see one of the worlds coolest sharks.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Turtle Heading to the Blue

 A young Hawaiian green sea turtle leaves the rocky shallows for the deep blue with waves crashing overhead. This picture was taken near the Halona Blowhole on Oahu's southeastern coast.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Nudibranch Glowing from Within

 This picture of a beautiful pink and orange laced nudibranch is in honor of us gearing up for another muck diving, nudibranch hunting mission to Indonesia this summer. Expect many more pics of colorful and bizarre sea creatures from the biodiversity golden triangle.